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On the following pages we want to establish a comprehensive e-learning course about corrosion and corrosion protection – an interesting offer for apprentices, experts in corporations or technophiles, who want to extend and improve their knowledge according to their needs.

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"Corrosion and corrosion protection" is a subject of high relevance for several occupational groups in metalliferous environments. In order to avoid corrosion damages in practice and the concomitant annual expenses amounting to billions it is essential to offer high-quality information products for vocational and continuing education to the industry, that comprise specialized knowledge towards the target groups as well as practice related approaches.

Thus the project partners “Technik und Medien” and “Gesellschaft für Korrosionsschutz e.V” provide their knowledge in the domain of technology, content and didactics in order to develop a multimdia-based information- and learning system that matches the specific requirements of different target groups in an appropriate way.

The system is designed to work both online and offline and is planned to be structured modular and flexible. Consequently it is adaptable to the current level of knowledge of each student.

Forms of Corrosion    

The prototype "forms of corrosion" illustrates the basic forms of appearences of corrosion and their development depending on the corrosion system. It demonstrates the subject vividly by using pictures and metallographical micrographs.

"Corrosion and corrosion protection" is adressed to master craftsmen, skilled engineering workers, technicians, apprentices and students of the departments named in module 1. The duration time is approximately 45 minutes.


Technik und Medien GmbH
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GfKORR - Gesellschaft für Korrosionsschutz e.V.
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Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25
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